• Should Forensic Science Services be Independent of Policing? A Critical Reflection
    James Robertson
  • Shared Services Best Practices And Lessons Learned
    Mike Milas and Barry Bedford
  • Dispatch Consolidation IACP Conference May 2012 Indianapolis
    Mike Milas and Barry Bedford
  • Funding Alternatives for Emergency Medical and Fire Services
    United States Fire Administration
  • Policing In The New Economy: A New Report On The Emerging Trends From The Office Of Community Oriented Policing Service
    Bernard K. Melekian
  • Dispatch Consolidation IACP Conference May 2012 Indianapolis
    Mike Milas and Barry Bedford
  • Shared Services Best Practices And Lessons Learned IACPConference May 2012 Indianapolis
    Mike Milas and Barry Bedford


  • Police and Parking/Traffic
    North Brunswick and Rutgers Township
  • The Five Stages of Denial When Rightsizing
    Opal Mauldin-Robertson, Christine Smith, Mary Sassi Furtado and Mike Goodrich
  • Shared Services & Cost-Saving Collaboration Deserve Respect
    Monte Mercer
  • Best Practices In Shared Services
    Richard Dale
  • Police & Parking/Traffic
    North Brunswick and Rutgers Township
  • Dispatching- Burlington County
    Burlington County


  • Shared Services Feasibility Analysis Washoe County and the City of Reno, Nevada-Draft Report
    Matrix Consulting Group
  • Leading Practices in Shared Services for Small Communities
    Richard Dale, Craig Rapp, Douglas J. Schulze and Scot E. Simpson
  • Overcoming the Barriers to Cooperation: Intergovernmental Service Agreements
    Sung-Wook Kwon and Richard C. Feiock
  • 211/311: Is There a Case for Consolidation or Collaboration?
    David Eichenthal
  • Milliken, Colorado's Police-Court-Community Building Advances Today's Style Of Policing
    Jim Burack
  • A Law Enforcement Sharing Story
    Jim Chrisinger
  • 211/311: Is There A Case For Consolidation Or Collaboration? Full Report
    David Eichenthal
  • Texting To 9-1-1 In Black Hawk County Consolidated Communications
    Thomas Jennings and Judy Flores
  • Dispatching-Chester Borough & Morris County
    Chester Borough and Morris County
  • Dispatching-Ocean County & 33 Municipalities
    Ocean County
  • Domestic Violence Response Team
    Beachwood, Berkeley, Lakehurst, Manchester, Ocean Gate, Pine Beach and South Toms River Police Departments


  • Shared Services in Australian Local Government: Rationale, Alternative Models and Empirical Evidence
    Brian Dollery, Alexandr Akimov, and Joel Byrnes
  • Transformers
    Christopher Clark, Leonard Matarese, Thomas Wieczorek, and A.T. Garnett
  • Shared Services Transformation: Conceptualization and Valuation from the Perspective of Real Options
    Ning Su, Rama Akkiraju, Nitin Nayak, and Richard Goodwin
  • Shared Services in Local Government
    Thomas P. Dinapoli
  • A Shared Service Perspective From Morris County Shared Services
    Morris County Shared Services
  • Achieving High Performance Through Shared Services: Lessons From The Masters
  • 911 Emergency Dispatch Collaboration
    Dave Osberg
  • Dispatching-Linwood & Somers Point Cities
    Linwood City and Somers Point City
  • Dispatching-Milltown & Jamesburg Boroughs
    Milltown Borough and Jamesburg Borough
  • SWAT
    Ocean County Police Agency & SWAT team


  • The Westcom Dispatch Center
    Author Unknown
  • Shared Services - New York State
    New York State: Commission On Local Government Efficiency And Competitiveness
  • Governing Interlocal Cooperation: City Council Interests and the Implications for Public Management
    Eric S. Zeemering
  • The City Of Sparks’ Perspective On Consolidation
    Randy Mellinger, Tom Monton, and Steve Driscoll
  • Intergovernmental Cooperation
    Andrew M. Cuomo
  • Effective Police Communications Systems Require New "Governance"
    National Institute of Justice, US Department of Justice, Office Of Justice Programs
  • Extra Duty Police Officers
    Manchester Township and Lakehurst Borough


  • New York State Shared Municipal Services Incentive (SMSI) Grant Program - Technical Assistance Manual
    Government Law Center and Albany Law School
  • Building A 311 System: A Case Study Of The Orange County, Florida, Government Service Center
    Stephen T. Holmes
  • Public Safety Communications And Interoperability
    National Institute Of Justice, US Dept Justice, Office Of Justice Programs
  • Skagit County Mutual Police Aid and Cooperation Agreement
    City of Anacortes (WA), City of Burlington, City of Mount Vernon, City of Secdro Woolley, and Skagit County
  • Memorandum of Understanding between Skagit County Sheriff's Office and Mt. Vernon Police Department
    Skagit County (WA) Sheriff's Office and Mount Vernon Police Department


  • Sharing Available Resources Efficiently: Best Practices Handbook
    New Jersey Department Of Community Affairs
  • Government Consolidation and Shared Services
    Bob Smith, John S. Wisniewski, Ellan Karcher, Joseph M. Kyrillos, Jr., Robert M. Gordan, and Joseph R. Malone, III
  • High-Intensity Interlocal Collaboration in Three Iowa Cities
    Kurt Thurmaier
  • Oklahoma City Partners With Nice Systems To Improve Infrastructure
    International Association of Chiefs Of Police
  • Dispatching-Hightstown Borough & Cranbury Township
    Hightstown Borough and Cranbury Township
  • Police (Jamesburg-Helmetta)
    Jamesburg and Helmetta Boroughs


  • Police Information Sharing in Canada: Balancing Security, Efficiency & Collaboration
    Marcel-Eugene LeBeuf, Simon Pare
  • Overview of Shared Service Options Pros and Cons1
    City Of Burlingame, CA
  • Dispatching-Egg Harbor Township & City of Northfield
    Egg Harbor Township and City of Northfield
  • Interlocal Agreement Between King County and the City of Bellevue Relating to Marine Patrol Services
    King County (WA) and City of Bellevue (WA)
  • Third Shift Police Coverage
    Helmetta and Jamesburg Boroughs
  • Pistol Range
    Park Ridge, Woodcliff Lake, Montvale and Washington Boroughs


  • The Value of Police/Fire Cross-Training
    Christa Miller
  • The MJTF as a Type of Coordination Compatible with Both the Police Consolidation and Community Policing Movements
    Stan Shernock


  • Local Government Police Management
    William A. Geller and Darrel W. Stephens


  • Integrated Criminal Justice Information Systems
    Heather Morton
  • Radio Public Safety System and Committee
    Park Ridge, Woodcliff Lake and Montvale Boroughs


  • Clark County Master Mutual Law Enforcement Assistance Agreement
    Clark County (WA) Board of Commissioners et al.
  • Pierce County Interlocal Cooperation Agreement
    Pierce County (WA) Police Agencies (multiple)
  • Law Enforcement Assistance Agreement- Example
    City of Wapato (WA) and Yakima County (WA)


  • Port Angeles and Jefferson County Mutual Assistance Agreement
    Port Angeles (WA) Police Department and Jefferson County (WA) Sheriff's Department
  • Tactical Team
    Manchester Township and Lakehurst Borough


  • Funding Alternatives for Fire and Emergency Services
    United States Fire Administration, Federal Emergency Management Agency



  • How Can the Consolidation of Functions Between Small California Police Departments Ensure the Departments' Viability by the Year 2000?
    Peter G. Herley


  • Feasibility Study Billings/Yellowstone County, June 1986
    Montana Board of Crime Control


  • Sharing Police Support Services - A Focus Of Communications
    Kent John Chabotar; Linsey D. Stellwagen


  • Detroit (MI) Police - Annual Report, 112Th, 1977
    Michigan Department of State Police




  • An Exploration Of Police and Other Criminal Justice Needs in Labette County, Kansas - Police Technical Assistance Report
    David L. Norrgard
  • Mineral Wells (TX) - Police Department - Consolidation of Police Records and Communication - Police Technical Assistance Report
    Ronald F. Wiborg


  • Interjurisdictional Cooperation Among Police Departments In The St Louis Metropolitan Area
    James C. McDavid


  • Richland, Pasco, And Kennewick (WA) - Police Departments - Feasibility Of Establishing A Tri-City Criminal Justice Data Processing Center - Police Technical Assistance Report
    Walter H. Trefry
  • Alpena County (MI) - Feasibility of Consolidating Police Services Countywide - Police Technical Assistance Report
    G. Stephen Lloyd
  • Innovation In Law Enforcement
    Law Enforcement Enforcement Assistance Administration, The Institute of Criminal Justice and Criminology, University of Maryland


  • Los Angeles Attacks Metropolitan Problem
    John MeDiarmid

No Year

  • Intermunicipal Cooperation and Consolidation: Exploring Opportunities for Savings and Improved Service Delivery
    New York State Comptroller
  • Shared Services Report
    Eau Claire (WI) City Council Shared Services Committee
  • Intermunicipal Cooperation and Consolidation: Exploring Opportunities for Savings and Improved Service Delivery
    New York State Comptroller
  • Review And Evaluation Of Police Communications - A Technical Assistance Report Prepared For The Polk County Sheriff's Office
    Dennis L. Bruns
  • List of King County Coalition of Small Police Agencies
    City of Snoqualmie (WA)
  • Snohomish County Mutual Aid Law Enforcement Agreement
    Shohomish County (WA)
  • Interlocal Agreement for services between Clark County Sheriff's office, Clark County and Vancouver for newly annexed areas- Example
    City of Vancouver (WA) and Clark County (WA) Sheriff's Office